Public transport and general transportation is a rapidly growing industry with new infrastructure construction in developing countries and technology upgrades in developed countries. New technological requirements are appearing as a reaction to the current threats of terrorism and growing transportation demands. Places with a high concentration of travellers such as airports, seaports, railways stations, subway stations and others increase the complexity of the environment. TECH-STORE solutions cover security, control centres, communication and technology automation systems with all necessary specifics typical for the transportation industry.


TECH-STORE offers turnkey supplies for the amusement park infrastructure including extra low voltage (ELV) and electronic payment operating systems (EPOS). Complete integration of infrastructure brings significant reduction to the operational costs and accelerates revenue growth via visitor satisfaction. Our systems also help to maintain safety and security of large public places at the entertainment facilities via physical security integrated solutions (PSIM).


We provide fully integrated and complex security solutions with central monitoring capabilities suitable for countrywide deployments to monitor ATM machines, bank offices, money printing facilities or other financial institutions. Typically central monitoring systems (CMS) and physical security integrated management systems (PSIM) are mostly utilized in the financial sector. Our proposed technologies are field proven with countrywide deployment within large financial institutions.


Special product portfolio designed primarily for government use, where all necessary requirements are incorporated within the systems. Our solutions for government agencies include special systems for VIP protection, anti-terrorism security technologies and total security integrations with relevant interfaces for special government agencies. Unique solutions allow instant control of the security systems by police, special security forces and other government related bodies.


Large facilities such as hospitals, medical universities and other special treatment facilities typically require a high-level of security and also demand top notch reliability. Comprehensive solutions for the hospitals typically include total security integration together with facility management solutions. Maintenance quality in the hospital environment can affect lives and public health and are normally considered a priority by hospital operators. Our solution provides significant cost savings for the maintenance budget. Security operations can be simplified and portray medical facilities to have a friendlier atmosphere.


The retail industries together with food and beverages businesses significantly depend on customer’s overall satisfaction with the facilities. It is essential to provide a welcoming and comfortable environment. Integrated security solutions increases present security levels to higher standards with easier control and threat prediction utilising intelligent video analytics, threat correlation or supplier management solution. TECH-STORE provides a variety of security solutions suitable for all types of retail businesses. Employee attendance management, shop surveillance, theft prevention systems, transaction monitoring, business video intelligence and many others have become essential systems in the retail industry.


Education institutions compete by improving their overall education processes and making their whole facility more efficient towards their students. Students are now entering the university electronic society, where most of the education related administration has become completely electronic. Following such trends, TECH-STORE offers unique solutions for educational institutions inclusive of catering management, student pass management, college residence management, security management, electronic facility management and many other effectively integrated systems fully optimized for the education industry.


In this information age, media and broadcasting have become significant targets for terrorist and criminal groups due to its wide reach. This situation requires specific integrated solutions for the media industry. TECH-STORE provides fully integrated security solutions for large media campuses and institutions. Specialised studio technology implementation and maintenance are vital industry requirements. TECH-STORE is a specialised supplier for design and delivery of media broadcasting control rooms, video walls and related infrastructure. Our subject matter experts are able to provide significant operational experience necessary for optimum system designs.


Telecommunication infrastructure is commonly distributed across countries and even larger territories. This places very high demand on the security and maintenance of these systems which commonly combines various technologies to cover large areas effectively. Another concern is on the large quantity of the vendors accessing the facilities for maintenance or deployment purposes. This demands a highly integrated and process orientated security and maintenance solution. TECH-STORE provides complex solutions which integrate electronic facility management, vendor management and security systems within a single solution. This way security threads and maintenance costs can be easily controlled from centralised locations.


The logistics industry has globalized the distribution of goods with large quantity of goods transported across very distant areas in a short time. The “Just In Time” logistics requires high accuracy, planning and no disruption to the logistics process. This can only be ensured with precise management of the overall process involving staff management, security management and effective incident management. Large facilities such as seaports, airports and other challenging environments make this a highly complicated endeavour. Our unique business video intelligence solutions have been especially developed for the logistics application. Our systems can instantly analyse any logistics transaction based on metadata such as parcel ID, date, time, vendor, destination, value and many other attributes within seconds, providing full video documentation of overall logistics process for this particular parcel. Data is instantly extracted from the archives and do not require complicated manual searches. This, together with the integrated security management, provides effective damage control against parcel losses, damages and similar situations.


Automotive production is usually the producing of vehicles or vehicle parts within large factory campuses and other facilities. Value of the produced components or vehicles itself is usually very high with the security aspects playing a significant role in avoiding internal or external security threats. TECH-STORE offers fully integrated security solutions with vehicle access management, employee access management and overall production facility surveillance. For the quality management team, business video intelligence solutions can be deployed which allows the client to monitor the assembly or production process of each article. Data about production details inclusive of video evidence can be retrieved within seconds from the central archives. Production downtime can result in significant losses, thus electronic facility management systems are commonly employed as part of the integrated solutions as well.


The general manufacturing industry generates significant revenue for businesses in Asia. Manufacturing facilities are often concentrated in large areas and this leads to increased security risks. Factories may become a danger to society due to their size or technology and are highly vulnerable to external threats. Security at such facilities is a priority with a firm goal of increasing production effectiveness and reducing operational costs. Integration of facility management systems such as employee management, vendors’ management and general facility surveillance, reduces the risks and operational costs. Business video intelligence can also be useful for quality management and process control within the manufacturing facilities. TECH-STORE is able to provide effective design consultation and system deployment according to customer’s operational objectives.


Energy and utility are common commodities utilized by society. Disruption of such infrastructure or resource delivery can affect large numbers of citizens and business dearly. As such, the protection and operation of these critical infrastructures are top priority across many countries. TECH-STORE is able to provide fully integrated solutions for managing power plants, water treatment plants, sewage plants and all related infrastructures as a complete solution based on integration between physical security management and electronic facility management solutions. Our systems help to manage and oversee countrywide infrastructure, via central monitoring technologies while analysing all security and operational threats.


Mining facilities, oil refineries or storage facilities are high on target lists of terrorist groups, making security and safety a major concern. Complete integration of all security systems together with special industrial strength equipment, explosive environment restrictions and similar industrial specifics make this industry require highly qualified professionals and industrial grade technology. TECH-STORE provides solutions carefully handpicked from reputable manufacturers and field proven within Oil & Gas industry deployments. Our total solutions include complete integrated security systems, electronic facility management and safety technologies necessary for this type of industrial operations.


Defence solutions provide key advantages to military capabilities of a country. Protection of such technologies together with personal and information security become an essential issue for every country. Military infrastructure and technologies must be protected from any external threats. TECH-STORE solutions provide complex systems for perimeter protection, long-range surveillance, special simulators and fully integrated security systems. Our solutions provide fully integrated systems for military base protection, field surveillance and other specific defence systems.