Typically at the beginning of every project, it is necessary to define the scope of the deployment, functional requirements and other conceptual parameters to ensure the client will achieve its objectives through the desired project investment. TECH-STORE provides a highly effective and experienced consulting team to guide the client within the necessary requirements specification based on vast experience from other similar deployments.


For successful project completion, the quality of the design documentation is essential. Complete integrated systems simply require very detailed designs with installation and deployment details, equipment parameters, configurations, construction drawings and testing management documentation. Our team is highly experienced with 2-stage or 3-stage design documentation involving Conceptual Design, Preliminary Design, Final Design and Installation Design documentation. The high quality of our design documentation helps to significantly reduce project implementation time and costs.


Apart of the conceptual or technological designs, ergonomics is a growing knowledge industry, where the objective is to create human centric technology designs, which are not only functional, but can also be effectively utilized by human operators. Ergonomics standards for control systems are specified within EN ISO 11064 norms, which are slowly becoming standard requirements for large integrated projects. This type of service focuses mainly on optimizing human interface, operator’s environment and system control methodology to be suitable for human capabilities.


High quality project management has a major impact on providing timely delivery and reducing overall project costs. Our experienced project management team is ready to manage and administer large project deployments even in specific industries such as Oil & Gas, Transportation or Defence. Our project managers keep positive team communications, maintain project deployment planning, progress monitoring and resource management on track. Well maintained project documentation, testing and commissioning documentation, photo or video documentation are also handed over to our clients after project completion.


Software or hardware customizations can be provided based on actual project demand and requirements. TECH-STORE has close relations with product R&D teams covering across the company portfolio. Specific and unique functionalities can save a lot of effort and fully optimize the solution for a particular deployment. The customisation process is well documented and described by our specialized system consultants. Newly developed features are completely tested and verified in similar process as per the base product.


Large projects usually require overall system integration across TECH-STORE products as well as with 3rd party products. TECH-STORE provides system integration consultants and designers able to communicate with third party vendors, specifying communication interfacing, testing the particular products and performing full integration works per project requirements. Our team has successfully integrated hundreds of industrial protocols and specific interfaces. This fact gives us the vast experience for any required device or system integration.


Several specific project deployments undertaken by TECH-STORE had required brand new products. TECH-STORE has received good references as a pioneer in certain industry applications in bringing entirely brand new solutions to the field. Introduction of brand new products brings with it the challenge that some of our customers might not have the confidence to adopt such solutions without prior testing. TECH-STORE is able to provide full simulation and prototyping capabilities to overcome such challenges where software or hardware solutions can be presented to the client in a realistic simulated environment. TECH-STORE has invested significant resources to establish our own prototyping and demonstration centre within our facilities. Our prototyping and demonstration centre supports demonstration by device prototype, software prototype or even complex proof of concept deployment to ensure customer’s satisfaction with the proposed solution.


Project deployments, especially for critical infrastructure projects, require a very detailed testing and commissioning process. Our specialists are able to proceed with the commissioning of complex integrated systems including not only supplied technologies by TECH-STORE, but also by third party technologies integrated in the complex solutions. Commissioning and testing process complies with all relevant industry related regulations and legal requirements of a particular contract. TECH-STORE is also able to provide testing and commissioning of spare parts, necessary for timely project deployment.


Training for users, maintenance or even trainers are vital tasks in conjunction with operation and training manuals, to ensure the overall utilization of the project delivery. TECH-STORE is able to provide complex trainings within its own facilities, on site or as ”On-the-Job” training at customer facilities. All attendees are furnished with certificates after they pass the training exams. Training manuals are prepared in cooperation with technology manufacturers and partnering organizations.


Technical support of the large systems is a very complex task which involves typically software, hardware and telecommunication infrastructure skills. Our support engineers are able comply with demanding service level agreements (SLA) but also can provide ad hoc support without service level agreement based on availability. Overall support and maintenance can be preventive, comprehensive or only reactive in case of problems. The level of maintenance is typically set with our clients based on criticality of the deployment. TECH-STORE also offers system maintenance agreements (SMA) where complex systems can be progressively upgraded as per actual system version availability based on flat fees.