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New version of FAMA available now!

Calendar iconMay 1, 2015

Tech-Store has introduced a new version of the popular integrated facility management system for large organizations. Facility management system need to satisfy multiple users working remote, in the office and using mobile solutions.

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SeeTec Cayuga speaks Bahasa Malaysia!

Calendar iconApril 30, 2015

SeeTec Cayuga, latest version of proven enterprise video management software is now available in Bahasa Malaysia. Thanks to cooperation between Tech-Store Malaysia and SeeTec AG Germany, there is now fully localized version of SeeTec Cayuga available for Malaysian market.

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New Simulation & Prototyping Centre

Calendar iconApril 29, 2015

Tech-Store opened command and control room designed for project demonstrations, prototyping and effective presentation of TECH-STORE’s advanced solutions.

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Did you know that TECH-STORE solutions deployed worldwide are processing over 1 billion security and commercial transactions every day? Together with unique Business Video Intelligence solutions, TECH-STORE brings full large scale transactional search interactivity for further security analysis and reports.

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Monitoring Systems

Did you know that TECH-STORE has provided the largest on-line fully automated security surveillance network in Malaysia? TECH-STORE deployed the first countrywide large scale, fully on-line wireless communication system transmitting videos and alarms successfully within Malaysia.

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Control Centers

Did you know that TECH-STORE control centres have been deployed to many mission critical facilities such as banks, government, transportation and defence facilities? TECH-STORE’s complex command and control systems with advanced automation functions might be taking care of your personal safety every day without you knowing about it.